Annoying Neighbors

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yonkers, New York, United States
Last Updated: 2/4/2005 3:09:18 PM
My husband and I have the neighbors from F***ING hell living upstairs. They have a crawling child that in my opinion is 1)retarded 2)suffering from some deformed disease 3)is just plain ugly because her parents are butt-nasty. They let their little ugly kid crawl around on the floors at all hours at night and day; in fact, I don't know if this kid ever sleeps. We tried talking to them, but the wife is such a c**** that she makes it her business to jump up and down on the wooden, un-carpeted floors at all hours of the night . I'm so pissed! We've tried hitting the ceiling, but now we have a huge hole in our ceiling (which we have to fix.) I tried blasting them wiht my t.v. but my next door neighbor complained. I am desperate to give these people a taste of their own medicine. In fact, we are definitely moving but I want these scum to get a taste of their own medicine. Please send suggestions (please only legal ones.)
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