Annoying Neighbors

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British Columbia, Canada
Last Updated: 8/21/2006 5:55:29 PM
I own a condo where the patio faces other apartment buildings and condo units; everything is heard and smelled if your windows are open. In the summer your windows *must* be open here. My neighbor is a crazy beeotch who loves the sound of her own very obnoxoius, loud, and whiney voice. IT will sit on her patio on the phone all day and all night, smoking and getting high. The second-hand smoke comes in our windows and is also polluting her own baby. She often has her white-trash friends over for heavy boozing well into the morning while her baby is indoors. They are all dumb as posts and like to see how many f-bombs they can use in a sentance. Ms. "I-ME" doesn't realize-or doesn't care that we can hear every thing she says about her pathetic life and what she says about us. I would love to close my windows but it's too bloody hot! Troll-face keeps a very unhappy barkity dog on the patio who won't shut up. It's cruel to keep a big dog in a condo without a yard. And surprise surprise, IT parks her red-neck vehicle in the visitor spaces and in the alley blocking the fire zone whenever she fancies. Which is always. I feel sorry for her dog and baby. How do I get that miserable sow to move?
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