Annoying Neighbors

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Last Updated: 10/2/2003 11:06:55 PM
I had a neighbor who in order to annoy me would hit the wall and make a lot of noise, knowing it pissed me off. I took her phone number and printed it out (no writing to trace) a hundred or so times, then drove around town to parks, phone booths, etc, and taped her name and number in places it would easily be seen. She moved not much later. On the day she moved I went to a novelty shop, bought what realistially looked like a very soiled diarper and put it on her car. I don't know if anyone called her or not or if she was fooled by the fake dirty diaper but it made me feel a lot better. Now I have a neighbor twice as bad as she ever was, I can't get his number or email address, and until I move out, (soon I hope if I can find a place) can't do much. I will make things as inconvenient as possible for him and as soon as I'm gone will post his address and name all over town, especially in public restrooms, parks, and ohter areas where interest in something like that is shown. If I could get his number I would drive miles out of my way, (to keep from being traced) call him in the very early hours, and make sure he suffered as much as he has made me suffer. It's not over. I will win.
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