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Melbourne, Australia
Last Updated: 9/24/2012 12:10:13 AM
I have a real bug bear about my retiree neighbours who seem to have nothing better to do than complain about every single noise that wafts over the fence. For almost 3 years now we've had this new dog. He used to have another dog to play with but that dog died. So now the dog is the only dog on the territory and he is a very alert and active dog. After our old dog died this dog started barking more, when strangers come to the door, when strangers come to our neighbours doors. Now these retirees also increased their visitor quota around the same time as the dog increased its barking. Every time someone visits them, my dog will bark, because he knows it is a stranger. The old lady always yell at it, "Shut up you mongrel!"/ "Shut up you mutt!" Naturally, this makes him bark even more. This is all around midnight or well past. For oldies, they sure like to stay up. One day a council ranger comes to our door and informs us that we have 2 weeks to do something about our dog barking. Of course he couldn't say who made the complaint, but we know it was these old people because the neighbours on the other 2 sides are related to us. So we removed the dog from our property and had someone house sit it for a few weeks while we ordered a bark collar and let them have time to cool off. Leading up to the complaint and in the few weeks after we did not have any warning/ they did not try to resolve the issue with us. They went straight to the council. We are fairly pissed off that nothing was said.
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