Annoying Neighbors

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London, Ontario, Canada
Last Updated: 5/13/2005 10:30:39 AM
Well, my neighbor is a f***ING JERK!!!! My other horrible neighbor has a s***ty fence that my dog can climb under ...the bottom of the fence CURLS!!! over ...its really short so he can jump over it!!! and through it ...HOLES. My comclusion; she's a FUCKING RETARD!!! Anyways, this is really about the other asshole on my street... so my dog jumped over the fence ONE time, and I grabbed him (he doesn't go far at ALL) and the fat son of a bitch comes outside and says "HEY! YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR DOG RUNNING LOOSE EVERYWHERE" ..noooo.... are you serious? I didn't know?!??! haha.. "WE HAVE KIDS OVER HERE!!" really? cause i'm sure I haven't seen your fat ass kids outside EVER... AND if I wanted my dog to run loose I would have probably put him out the front door and said come back in 5 sweetie!!! lol... anyways, I just said "yeah, I KNOW..." and brought my dog inside. so the next day ANIMAL CONTROL is at my house!?!?!?! YAH RIGH!!! ONE FUCKING TIME AND THEY'RE AT MY DOOR?!?!?!? FUCK YOU, JERK!!!! if anyone can tell me how I can piss this guy off, then it would be a pleaure!!! I plan to sit outside now in the front yard with my dog on a lease so when he comes out my dog can bark at him!!
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