Annoying Neighbors

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Roselle, Illinois, United States
Last Updated: 12/19/2006 12:18:46 AM
My neighbor is a wicked old witch of Roselle, IL. She is missing teeth and she looks like a crackhead. We live in an apartment building with 3 units. She lives in the front and we live upstairs in the back. (To make it specific, our landlord is trying to get rid of the b**** at 633 Rosner in Roselle... so PLEASE someone sane move in!!!) We never bother this woman, yet she always finds lies to make up about us. She claims we were on the roof and throwing things down her chimney and that that was the reason her furnace didnt work. The landlord looked at it and said she was nuts because the furnace was fine. She also claims that we run around the house and pound on her walls. I dont know about her, but I am way too burnt out after work to run anywhere. At first the landlord believed her psychotic tales, but now he is finally seeing what a looney this woman is. I think it was when she dumped cat litter all over my driveway that he got it. She said we dumped cat litter in her garbage. I didnt. Neither did my boyfriend. I found out an old room mate had stuk 2 clean wrapped bags in her garbage because she didnt want to bring it in the car with her kids. Well, the psycho neighbor decided to rip open the bags and dump them all over the driveway. This was not the first time she has dumped trash all over our driveway. In fact, the first time she did it it was the landlords garbage. The landlord even told her that, yet the woman left her trash on our car. I have tried saying hello to this woman and she gives me the nastiest looks. I have tried writing her letters asking her to please stop, and she doesnt. She even called the garbage company and told them to stop picking up our garbage!! She is insane. I dont think anyone can beat her.
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