Annoying Neighbors

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Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 11/12/2003 11:04:08 AM
Well, new neighbors and we just knew that there would be problems. The management company that is supposed to take care of these issues will of course not do anything. There are past issues related to them too. Turns out, the new neighbors are related to to owner of the building and so of course to do need to follow the same rules as the rest of us. We are bound by a lease and they are not. Our rules include no pets, no loud noise, limit of 2 vehicles in the parking lot amoung other things. So these people systematically do everything that we are not able to do. They have at least one dog that barks at all hours and poops in the little yard that we have, they have the music up loud at most hours... they must be deaf. They have many people over all the time. Each slams the door and shakes everything in the apartment. We have a newborn baby and don't need this. It is like they try to keep her up as much as possible. They have three cars in the parking lot that keep me boxed in, and more just off the road. The police have never done anything except pull people over for going 5 miles/hour over the limit when they go 20-50 mph over on the same road without their light or siren on. I am in a bad area! I am looking for ways to 'get rid' of them. Without going to jail of course. Any ideas???
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