Annoying Neighbors

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Boyds, Maryland, United States
Last Updated: 6/27/2006 9:58:39 PM
I broke my foot ok? So the next day I was on the computer....which is very far away from the door....ok? So all of a sudden my door bell starts ringing, since i didn't have any crutches i had to hop on my right foot to get to the door. and it was my neighbors...again. So they keep me waiting at the doorway talking and talking and talking about their boring life....and every possible chance i get i say i have to go rest.....but do they care...hell i go back to the computer....basically dying.....and they ring they keep me waiting...and all...same process...and so i go to my room and i make a sign that i cant answer the door.......but just as i am going down stairs crawling they ring again so i basically fall down the stairs hurting my foot some more...and same proccess so then i put up the sign and slam the door but just as i am going back to the computer once more and my foot is aching with pain they ring again and i fall u think i answered the door????? hell no. i hopped on one foot ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE office practically dying and they keep ringing and knocking aand ringing and knocking for about 10 minutes and im just annoyed out of my mind and finally the stop .hallelujah.
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