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Swansea, Massachusetts, United States
Last Updated: 5/6/2004 8:44:02 PM
NEIGHBOR FROM HELL living next door caused me $2500.00 property destruction, her miserable kids beat my little boy, including stapling his face and she told DSS I beat both my teenage boys and they took them away a year last week. DSS conducted a bogus investigation and found a 51B supported, did not talk to anyone who knew me and I was told a court affidavit stated "next door neighbor reported I beat both boys constantly on my lawn". Sundays is Mothers Day and I have not seen them in a year, with the exception of running into my baby who now lives in fear everyday and is denied a normal teenage life as he plays "Cinderella" at his biological father's house where he was placed, who he never knew, never payed child support, denied paternity, was incarcerated for thousands of dollars of arrears and would not even give my son a picture so he could see what his father looked like when order by the probate court in 2001. Neighbor continues to harr*** me by tressp***ing on my property, steals things, beaking things, broken into house, does not allow me the right of way on my street and is in process of attemting to take posseseion of my property. She's in my windows, screams vulgar language, plays lound music with no regard to elderly people and families with small childern living on my street. Had criminal charges on her pending for 2 years and a no contact and they dropped everything in court for her so called "good behavior". But she has damaged my life irrevicably and there is no restitution or price that could be offered to me for what she has done to my boys and our lives. I miss them very much, worry constantly about them, have called press, channel 12 news for exposure and everyone is "afraid" to become involved. Loosing beautiful little house on dead end street to pay attorneys I bought so my kids could live a "normal life". Tell me where can I find real "JUSTICE"??
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