Annoying Neighbors

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Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
Last Updated: 6/20/2005 12:27:05 AM
My wife and I recently sold our house on the East coast and moved out to the Portland, OR area. We figured that it might be a good idea to rent for a while so we can get to know the area before we buy again. We found this really nice "luxury" apartment complex which is fairly new and comprised of 3 story townhouses. The rent was right and the place looked like a class act so we signed a six month lease. Turns out, the neighbors next door like to play their stereo so that it completely thumps through the wall and shakes things in our unit. Having complained several times to the management with no results, I have resulted to dirty pool. I went on my computer and printed off several signs that read the following; ************************************************* For Sale-$1 (Subject to negotiation) Noisy Neighbor at 19*** NW Dorchester Way Price includes: Free testing of their high-end stereo equipment early in the morning and late at night. All sales final, absolutely no refunds. El precio incluye: Prueba libre de su equipo estéreo high-end temprano por la mañana y tarde en la noche. Todas las ventas final, absolutamente ningunos reembolsos. ************************************************ I printed about half a dozen copies and stapled them to all of the bulletin boards that are at all of the mailbox stations in the complex. Conveniently, there was one right near the management office. The next day I noticed that every sign I had put up was taken down. Heh-heh-heh... I figured that either the noisy neighbor took them down or the management was embarassed. So far the management has been trying to keep them under control. However, they claim that there is not all that much they can do. Some "luxury apartments" we moved into.
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