Annoying Neighbors

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Last Updated: 2/12/2005 2:37:29 PM
One night about a year ago, we had a bunch of friends over including our cousins. There were about eight kids on the trampoline in the backyard. We were double bouncing each other and screaming really loudly. The ladie of the house behind us came out and said " Can you kids shut-up, we cant even hear ourselves think in our own home!" Then my cousin said " yes ma'am" as a joke. After that we were still on the trampoline and the man of the house was sitting in his bedroom reading. Not knowing the window was open i yelled out "Hey mister, can you hear us? Can you?" He looked at us and we all yelled and lay down on the trampoline as flat as we could so he wouldnt be able to see us. A few minutes later about five people went of and went inside. My brother, our nextdoor neighbor and I were still on. It was dark so we couldnt see very well. All of a sudden we heard a bush move and we got a bit freaked out. Then the man of the house behind us jumped the fence onto our property. My brother, the nextdoor neighbor and I scrambled of the tramp and into the house. We were looking out our window watching the man. He was going around the back to the laundry. We ran to my mom and told her that he was coming over. When we heard a knock at the door my mom got up and answerd it. He started talking loudly at her telling her that we needed to move the trampoline somewhere less annoying. My mom told him that there was nowhere else to move the trampoline because there isnt much grass area at our house. He got angry and walked off. They dont have any kids so I dont think they know what kids are like. No one that lives by us really likes them because they are always yelling at everyone who are to loud. We have lots more annoying stories about them but i can't really be botherd to write them right now. Sorry.
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