Annoying Neighbors

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Belleville, New Jersey, United States
Last Updated: 11/30/2004 8:22:08 PM
Oh My God! A family of 5 moved into the apartment above's HALF the size of my apartment! They are muslims, direct from some country in the Middle East, which is a culture that obviously has little control over their children. They run at all hours - day and night. The mother is only 20 years old (she was married at 15) and the husbank is almost 40 (ew!). Every step she takes shakes my walls. We have had two light fixtures fall from the ceiling and 3 pictures from our walls. Last weekend, they added a Karaoke machine to their list of annoyances. I had to call the police. After that, the gates of Hell really opened up. She started screaming and banging and slamming as soon as the poice left. The husband attacked the decorations on my door, spit, then kicked my sneakers down the steps. I found an apartment and I am getting the Hell out of here in the next two weeks! But, I need to leave my mark, so any ideas, PLEASE p*** them along.
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