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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 11/24/2004 4:43:26 PM
My neighbor is among the worst of the worst. He moved in with his wife about five years ago (a young couple in their mid 20's) and immediately tore out all the landscaping the previous owner had done and put in a hot tub complete with outdoor speakers for his whole house sound system. They're Bose speakers that are the tinniest things I've ever heard. I'd never buy Bose simply due to these ***holes. So they love having parties all summer long and apparantly they don't work like normal people since the parties went on at all hours of the night. Not like I have to work, noooo (actually I do, from 8am-5pm). They divorced and she moved out and he stayed. Unfortunately! Though they were equally as bad. So he likes to play this disgusting rock station (93.7 K-ROCK) and it's so loud that the sound goes right through our house and we can hear it clear as if we had speakers in our own house! And this is with the windows closed! Not to mention that his hot tub is a ThermoSpa and it is very noisy! I can hear the vaccum pumps on that damn thing loud and clear with our house windows shut. The thing is that he does something for a living, I don't know what, and he's gone for months at a time. That's good, but when he's here, he has his damn speakers on and he's in that disgusting hot tub. The good news is that he's selling the house (or his parents are since they bought it for him - the little pansy)and hopefully getting the hell out of Pittsburgh! I just hope whoever moves in after him hates hot tubs and loud music. Oh Lord I am praying to You!!!!!
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