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west mifflin, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 9/7/2014 2:49:00 PM
Our older neighbor across the street has a son who is just bad news and it is no secret. To make a long story short he and his wife got in a battle (they do not live across the street but the do reside in west mifflin.) She filed a pfa (not the first time) so he moves in with mom and dad out neighbors. Knowing he is trouble was told he could not stay there so my other neighbor who has been trying to sell his house rents to him and him only on a month to month lease. Well quess is after two months is moving in? The whole family affair they have two son one of which is 18 an adult the other nine and three dogs. You ask my why? Because the house they came from is falling apart due to neglect. There is dog s*** throughout their yard which is just run over by the lawm mower. None of their vehicles inspected and the little kid hadn't from what I see been to school yet. They party daily, especially one Friday night till two in the am we report this to the owner of the property and called the police and we are the bad guys. Nothing any one can do we have to live with this. I need some advise because my husband is getting Ill over this to the point of a heart attack and if this does happen I intend on sueing someone whether it be the owner of the property the borough or maybe I'll go to the media that always seems to work for some chosen people. PS...the 18 year old took his grandfathers (my neighbor) and totaled it. The car was given to them by the other brother and Mr smartass mad a comment that she (the brothers wife) can buy him a new one they have the money. I can go on and on.
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