Annoying Neighbors

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Flower Mound, Texas, United States
Last Updated: 3/26/2009 8:57:30 PM
The house next door was leased by a plumbers helper. He had facial piercings and tattoos. He would park his plumbing truck in front of his house and block our view of street when we backed out. He would not park it in the drive when asked nicely. Next, they had a family brawl with ten or fifteen people spilling out into the street. I called the police. They had a boombox in their new car played at all hours when they were coming and going. Their friends all played boomboxes when they came to visit. They played their boombox auto stereo under my front bedroom widndow on a quiet Sunday afternoon until I called the police to make them stop. Nobody in this neighborhood ever behaved this way before and it has always been quiet. The neighbors will not complain about them or help us take legal action against them. I must live on a street of people with severe hearing problems and acute vision loss. This is a supposedly middle class neighborhood. I got the last laugh however, when this renter was evicted for nonpayment of rent. He owed at least two months rent when he was served papers to move. Ironically, he had to sign to three year lease in order to rent this house in the first place, a clear indication of bad credit. Before being evicted he told the landloard that he had lost his job but he was still working and paying for his new car with the boombox stereo. The neighbors all felt sorry for him because he was leaving and his wife didn't want to leave their pretty house. My neighbors didn't want to hear the truth about this deadbeat and his wife. I may have to sell my home and move because I do not want to live around people who have more sympathy for a deadbeat renter than caring about the peace and quiet of their own neighborhood let alone their own property values.
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