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Troy, New York, United States
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December of 2010 my boyfriend and I moved into a condo expecting our first child. Not even a day after we moved in I returned home from work to see a note on the door. It was from our neighbor downstairs about the dog. She was barking and naturally I felt awful, that the dog was bothering her. Her phone number was included in the note so I called her to apologize and try to come up with a resolution. We had a nice conversation and she said everything was fine and not to worry too much she just wanted to let us know. She also informed us of the last tenant, who didnt have a dog, but kept her awake, by walking around. Thinking that the situation was resolved we went along with everyhing as normal. Except it wasnt normal. Our neighbor now that she had my phone number would text me and my boyfriend on a DAILY BASIS giving the play by play about the dog that she was barking running around and wouldnt stop. Again, we naturally felt awful, and bought a bark collar and a crate for the dog to keep her in. STILL EVERYDAY NOW A YEAR AND A HALF LATER WE ARE STILL BEING HARRASSED ABOUT THE DOG. She has even found our spare key and has come into our house when we are not home and has taken the dog into her home without our permission. She even went as far as to send animal control to the house about the dog. At that point we told her to stop texting or contacting us. Now we get notices and calls from our landlord and property manager because she is now calling them on a daily basis about the dog. We have done everything we can to make this woman happy and nothing works! We are now moving out and uprooting our child from her home because of this womans constant harrassment.
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